State Representative Kristine Howard

“Ann Feldman has the experience, temperament and perspective we need to serve as a Magisterial District Justice. She understands that on any given day for attorneys and even some judges, appearing in court may seem like a routine matter, but for the plaintiff or defendant it may just be one of the most important days of their life. That is the kind of understanding we need in our judiciary. I am proud to endorse Ann Feldman for Magistrate.”

Samuel C. Stretton, Esquire

To be a district judge, one has to be not only knowledgeable in the law and courtroom, but one has to know their community and the people in their community. Ann clearly fits all categories. She has devoted the last 12 years of her life to Downingtown Borough and its people and has left an excellent legacy.

I would urge anyone who’s voting in the November 2021 general election to seriously consider Ann’s candidacy for district judge. She will be an extremely fair and impartial judge whose goal is to do justice. She will be patient and dignified at all times.”

Tom Kiely, Managing Partner Stewart Hall, LLC

Ann Feldman, candidate for District Court Magistrate, has a firm grasp of the law. Being involved with Ann in a 10 year, precedent setting legal battle vs. a local municipality that was ultimately decided by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in Ann’s favor; I can unequivocally say she understands the law and is passionate about achieving justice. She understood the importance of prevailing for the benefit of the citizens of Downingtown, Chester County and the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It took a person with tremendous courage to stand against influential and powerful opponents. Ann persevered through many personal attacks and financial hardships to achieve a significant legal victory for the people of Chester County and the Commonwealth. Vote for Ann Feldman!

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